Conference venue

The conference will take place at the College of Espírito Santo, at the centre of Évora (38°34'23.00"N 7°54'16.00"W). The College of Espírito Santo is one of the highest patrimonial value buildings that belong to the University of Évora, a must-visit site, whether for its history, or its magnificence. The older part of the building was the birthplace of the University and it’s known by the beautiful ceramic tiles (named in Portuguese as azulejos) that decorate some of the older classrooms. One of the most amazing room is Sala do Actos, a Baroque chapel from the 18th century restored in 1973, where some of the most important academic events take place. The conference will be held mostly at a more recent part of this iconic historical building of College of Espírito Santo, the grand auditorium.

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